👨🏽‍💻Francisco Costa
aka. Frank
I'm a Webby Award winning designer and self-taught coder based in Los Angeles, California. I have worked at the intersection of entertainment and technology for most of my 20s and early 30s. I help the people I work with communicate ideas and turn them into effective and visually compelling stories.
The Boxoffice Company
Vice President, Design
January 2019 to Present 🇺🇸
I joined Webedia, a global media group, as part of the group's acquisition of the company I previously worked with. Upon joining, I spent the first 9 months re-communicating the group's movie-related assets as The Boxoffice Company.
As of September 2019, The Boxoffice Company is a global company with the chief mission to innovate the business of the box office through media, technology and data.
The Boxoffice Company reaches over 74 million movie fans a month and it powers the sale of 50 million movie tickets a year across all major platforms; notably Google, Apple, Facebook and IMDb.
After a successful re-brand, I now work with the team to further develop the company's global storytelling for the market, clients and consumers. Most of my work revolves around creating pitch decks.
Our work on the press:
Movie Pilot, Creators Media
Vice President, Design
May 2012 to December 2018 🇩🇪 🇺🇸
I joined Movie Pilot in May 2012, in Berlin, to help design and build Movie Pilot, a digital publishing platform that empowered movie fans from around the world publish film content to an audience of 30 million people.
In April 2016, I re-located to Los Angeles to head visual communication for Creators Media, the parent organization built to operate Movie Pilot; Super News Live, its video channel and full production; and our in-house agency servicing movie studios with data and digital marketing.
We worked on digital communication and marketing campaigns for all major movie studios, namely Paramount, Netflix, Hulu, 20th Century Fox, AMC Theaters, FX, Sony Pictures, BBC America, Lionsgate, Focus Features. In 2017, we won a Webby Award for Best Art Direction in Advertising, Media and PR for our Kubo Fanzine; developed for Focus Features and Laika Studios.
In 2018, Creators Media was acquired and throughout that year merged into the Webedia Group.
Our journey on the press:
Early Days
Product Designer
From January 2010 to April 2012 🇵🇹
Prior to LA and Berlin, I lived in Lisbon and Porto, Portugal, where I'm originally from. I worked at a startup called MuchBeta from January 2011 to April 2012 creating knowledge platforms for large multi-national companies.
From January to December 2010, I worked at the design studio MR-D on a smart protective garment with pioneering wearable technology designed to protect the human body.
Formal Education
In 2016, I dropped out of Arts School in Portugal, where I was studying to be a painter. I then studied fashion design with an emphasis in menswear.
Continuous Education
When it comes to digital, coding, and communication, I'm self taught. I completed Harvard's Introduction to Computer Science class CS50 at the start of 2020.
You can find me on LinkedIn and my email is f@franciscosta.com.