AI Engineer
Berkeley, CA

I grew up in sunny Portugal, right on the coast, and now live in the American equivalent, the Bay Area.


I work at Superlist, where we're simplifying productivity through great design, robust engineering, and groundbreaking AI. Throughout my time, I've contributed in a variety of ways: from storytelling for fundraising, to branding, and product design. These days, my focus is on AI Engineering, exploring how we can harness the great power of LLMs to build a world-class product.


Work aside, I'm also a forever student. I taught myself how to program over the past couple of years, and I'm now taking up math from scratch at City College. In my free time, I make art, read science fiction, go for long walks in San Francisco, workout, and I'm now considering getting a bike to go for long rides.

Past lives

In another life, I made pitch decks for Hollywood studios in Los Angeles, designed digital products in Berlin, dabbled in wearable technology in Lisbon, and dropped out of a fine arts, and painting degree at age 19.

Find me

You can find me via email. I split my weeks loosely between Berkeley and San Francisco and am always open to chat.