A one-sheet for all things Javascript

ProgrammingMay 2021

Javascript is the fourth programming language I’m coming into contact with. I started by learning about how computers work in C; I learned to program in Python and Swift. Javascript is maybe the language I’m now learning technologies with.

One of the cool things I’m experiencing as I dive into a new language is how much easier it is to dive into it. Even though each language can have its own purpose and syntactic idiosyncrasies, they all share the same principles. Recursion is recursion is recursion no matter the language.

So, this time I took a non-linear approach to learning the nuts and crannies of Javascript and compiled the main things I wanted to retain in a single one-sheet. I’m leaving it here first and foremost for my own use. But feel free to steal it and use it for your own enlightenment.

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