Debugging in Node JS

ProgrammingJun 2021

Assuming I have a hypothetical program that’s supposed to take in two numbers, calculate their sum, and output that result onto the console. Somewhere along the way there’s a bug in the program, as the output comes out 1000 higher than expected.

A harmless example of a mistake nested inside a method that doesn’t crash the program and yet renders it unuseful. Node has a built-in debugger that allows me to run through the program, line by line, in and out methods, directly from the console. Below is a visualization of the debugger in use.

The debugger can be called in the command line by adding the inspect flag:

Once inside, I control the running of the program through a series of simple navigational commands.

Two more functionalities that are worth mentioning. The first being that I can insert a break-point anywhere in the program by using the debugger keyword. This will make node’s inspector to run through the program up until the debugger. This keyword is often also recognized by browsers in front-end code.

The second being that I can keep watch of certain variables as the program runs by adding them to the watchers-list. Adding, as well as checking, these variables can be done using the two keywords below.

Probably a lot more could be said about debugging, namely that VScode has a real neat and far more visual debugger. But I just wanted to leave here some rough notes for myself with the basics of debugging directly from the console.

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