Isn’t it funny how we usually know what the next step is?

PersonalJul 2021

It’s when we take our perspective to higher grounds in an attempt to see ahead that things get more abstracted and complicated. But, down below with the bugs, it all tends to be a lot simpler.

There’s usually a next step encoded in our minds in the form of an intuition or a hunch. Maybe there's a couple, but I venture to say one is usually the optimal. We draw the head, then the neck, then the torso, then the arms, then the hands, and little by little we make a human. We write the helper method, then the other method, then the outer method, and line by line, we write a program.

Sometimes I wonder what would happen to life, as I know it, if I lived only from that small and intimate space of knowing. No grandeur, no being this or that type of person, just a continuous dialogue between the inner and outer self. What’s the next step… and after that, what’s the step after that?

Hunch by hunch, on I’d go, like the beatle making its way up the mountain.

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